The 1.5-liter Earth Dreams engine is notorious for gasoline diluting the oil, which triggers warning lights, hurts performance, and creates an awful smell inside the cabin. I got the notice about the 8yr warranty extension August 2015. I bought it used at 50k, and now it has 80k miles. Warranty info: This replacement service is being performed free of charge under a special warranty extension good for eight years and unlimited mileage from the original vehicle-in-service date. Applicable vehicle enhancements for 2017-2018 CR-V and 2016-2018 Civic vehicles are currently available. In addition to this product update service, to better ensure customer confidence, Honda Canada is providing a warranty extension on certain engine components for up to six years from the original date of purchase, with no mileage limit. Newer model Odysseys don't have excessive oil consumption issues. Cal.). In August I received a letter from Honda titled "Warranty Extension: Sticking Piston Rings Resulting in High Engine Oil Consumption" referencing SVC Bulletin #12-089. Excessive oil consumption - Honda Insight 2012. Our Honda Extended Warranty Benefits. TO INCREASE CUSTOMER CONFI Communication Number: A05-032, Date: 2016-11-22 The revised #TSB B18-009 was released on June 2nd, 2018. 3:12-cv-1377-SI (N.D. HONDA CANADA INC. 180 HONDA BOULEVARD, MARKHAM, ON, L6C 0H9 • TEL 1-888-9HONDA9 • FAX (TOLL FREE) 1-877-939-0909 • Campaign: N55/N60/N61 November 2018 Product Update and Warranty Extension campaigns: Engine Oil Dilution Dear Honda owner: 1) Do you (or anyone) know how much longer the engine is covered for with a warranty extension due to oil consumption (time and km)? Honda will conduct a free product update and extend the warranty on certain components, on certain 2017-2018 CR-V and 2016-2018 Civic vehicles, to address potential over-dilution of oil in these vehicles, which may be more prevalent when the vehicles are driven short distances in very low outside temperature conditions. The piston rings on certain cylinders may rotate and align which … Excessive oil consumption in Honda's is one of the top complaints submitted to My understanding is that the Excessive Oil Consumption issue has resulted in a warranty extension, NOT a recall. Honda seeks to reassure owners of Civics and CR-Vs equipped with the automaker’s 1.5L turbocharged 4-cyl. We went back every 1000 miles on three separate occasions. Honda said that the piston rings in some cylinders might rotate and align their end gaps, leading to oil fouling the spark plugs. by extending warranty coverage in case gasoline-oil dilution damages engine parts. In fact, the problem was listed as the worst problem in the top problem trends of 2012 . You bought it because it’s a Honda. Title: Honda Recall - sticking piston rings Created Date: 8/24/2015 10:27:01 AM American Honda expects to begin customer notifications by the middle of May 2019. If you're in California and you’ve taken your Honda Civic or CR-V to a dealership for issues above, fromoil dilution, oil consumption, engine replacement or any warranty condition, we can help you…. Honda Plus Extended Warranty for Honda Owners in Canada . American Honda has agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit over claims that it manufactured 1,593,755 defective vehicles that excessively burn oil … Affected Vehicles. You didn’t buy your Honda because it’s another vehicle. Enhanced Warranty Coverage for Excessive Oil Consumption on the following vehicles.. 2007-2009 Camry 2007-2011 Camry Hybrid 2007-2008 Solara 2009-2012 Corolla 2009-2013 Matrix 2006-2008 Rav4 2007-2008 Scion Tc 2008-2009 Scion Xb It might appear that they are just waiting for accidents and/or complaints to happen, and only then offer the warranty extension. I started the test in October 2015.
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