TC: CENTRES/Snaps to centre. What software package are you needing this shortcut in? Here are a few things to consider: Memorize the default keyboard shortcuts: Some of the tools in the Family Editor contain default keyboard shortcuts assigned by Autodesk. Additional Revit Command and Shortcut Information ..... 9 NOTE: Revit is customizable, so users can customize the product to have their own keyboard shortcuts. The only solution I've found is to draw and extend detail lines, then use them to snap to. Especially when you usually lose the tracking and have to go to the midpoint of the wall several times just to get it to work. There are a ton of keyboard shortcuts available in Revit. F4 - Center F5 - Near F6 - Intersect F7 - Insert F9 - Perpindicular F11 - Node Under the User Interface tab, you can see the keyboard shortcuts … I can find different shortcuts for different software packages. If you are converting the line work from a CAD file, instead of drawing the lines individually, you can use the “Select Lines” command to automatically copy the CAD lines to Revit. Learn Revit hotkeys and commands with the Revit Shortcut Keyboard guide to help you work faster and be more efficient while using Revit software. Keyboard Shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts offer a faster way of accessing tools. 3. Surly there must be a better way. Like CorelDraw uses CTRL+Z. Hello, I am currently switching from AutoCAD Map 2002 to 2006. Now that I've been on Revit about 4 years or so, I can put in a RP and a wall and delete the RP faster than snap tracking. However, this list covers many of the out-of-the-box shortcuts available. Object snap can be accessed by pressing S* where * is the actual snappoint you want (i.e. SE = Snap Endpoint, SM is Snap Midpoint, SX is Snap Node, etc. Let’s learn how: First we need to find the User Interface options. There’s two ways to do this: First we can Click on the big “R” and click ‘Options’ . Withdrawal Lines . … One way to achieve this in Revit is to use Keyboard shortcuts. Revit will automatically indicate which lines are used as references to the snap by highlighting the lines. ). If you turn off the Nearest object snap by clearing the check box or using the keyboard override, Revit allows jump snaps to endpoints, midpoints, and centers. A jump snap is a snap point that is more than 2 mm away from the cursor on the screen. Revit Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet SR SNAP TO REMOTE OBJECTS Snaps to objects that are not near the element SS TURN OVERRIDE OFF Turns off override feature ST TANGENTS Snaps to tangent SW WORK PLANE GRID Snaps to the work plane grid SX POINTS Snaps to points S t r u c t u r e KEY(S) COMMAND DESCRIPTION SNAP TO POINT CLOUDS/Snaps to point cloud. It will be time well spent because they don’t change when new releases of Revit come out. Snaps to the nearest element or component. As stated in the title, I'm trying to figure out how to snap to the inside 90 degree wall corner at face of core. I already checked my snap settings. EG. When modelling and you want ortho, either check constrain or keep shift pressed in. Revit Keyboard Shortcuts SUBSCRIBE TO REVIT TRY REVIT NOW Revit shortcuts & hotkey guide Work faster and more efficiently by using the Revit Keyboard Shortcuts below. I would highly suggest setting up some keyboard shortcuts (KS) in Revit. SE: ENDPOINTS/Snaps to … In 2002 I had my keyboard setup so that I could use my "F" keys to activate OSNAP commands.

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