Black & Blue Jig w/ Black & Blue Craw. Doing so will allow that skirt to interfere with those flapping arms, killing the action of the trailer. Designed at 2.75" with a slender profile and a segmented body that displaces water. jig in the green pumpkin color with the green pumpkin Zoom chunk trailer, the small one. For a more active display, he’ll separate the arms and claws to allow kicking and swimming motion. Leatherbaits Chunk Jig Trailers. There isn’t a wrong time to fish a crawfish trailer, but jigs fished along the bottom like a football head, or casting jig are two types that always can be matched with a craw trailer. Using the Rage Craw as a jig trailer is another very popular application when you want a bulked up jig for targeting big bass. Craws - Plastic trailer that can fished solo or on the back of a jig. Black and Blue Swim Bass Jig with Craw Trailer Included (Pack of 2) (1/4 oz): Sports, Fitness & Outdoors OFFSHORE JIG TRAILER “Catch ‘Em With Confidence!” when you tie on a JBJigz Craw Jig! But heck, 75% of success on any lure is having confidence in it. The best time to use a black & blue jig with a black soft-plastic craw … Comments: First cast with this black and blue jig and blue fleck chigger craw trailer and I hooked into my personal best 10lb bass in heavy structure. Buy Black and Blue Football Bass Jig with Craw Trailer Included (Pack of 2) 1/2 oz Black, Blue online on at best prices. The pinchers on … These are the "sliders". $2.99 9 Colors. Conquistador FinessePro Mini Craw Trailer 2.5" 8pk. Soft Plastic Craw Mold Jig Trailer 3.8 Inch Bugmolds USA. Jig Strips "Jig and Pig" style Craw trailers are 40X stronger than traditional soft baits and come packed with a powerful scent. Craw style trailers like the MISSILE Baits Turbo Craw have two big flappers which cause the jig to ride higher in the water column, allowing you to fish over vegetation that has grown up towards the surface a little easier. $11.99 9 Colors. “I just match it to the water color,” he said. Bassmaster Elite Series pro Tommy Biffle has won a pile of money on Gene Larew's Salt Craw. So, I don’t use the trailer style as much … Deadly rigged as: Jig Trailer, Ned rig, Drop shot, and Neko rig presentations. Also black jigs with a Zoom swimming chunk trailer. The original in this category is the NetBait Paca Craw. Leatherbaits Mr. Hyde Jig Trailer 4pk. Exclusive design features 2 realistic pincers and a long, slender body engineered to create lots of turbulence. The Craw trailer Jig Strips add strike simulating action and scent while maintaining their usefulness. Vendor Bugmolds USA Regular price $36.99 Sale price $36.99 Sale. Trailers are made with Mica powders, so No fading over time. Bass jigs are always paired with some kind of a trailer. In my opinion, there are three main categories when selecting a jig trailer: Paca Craw-style bait, Skinny Dipper-style swimbait or Beaver-style bait. An overall good jig with a sturdy hook and good weed guard. Jig trailers often add the extra action and appearance needed to trigger bass when fishing with a skirted jig. This jig trailer comes in lots of different color combinations and has tons of salt, which allows the trailer to sink nicely and add a little flavor. If you try it as a trailer on a swim jig, you could try and trim it down to complete the presentation of the swim jig. Creatures - I put products like the Reaction Innovations Beavers, Strike King Space Monkey, Zoom … Because a jig mimics a crawfish, you can make a strong case that the plastic craw is the ultimate trailer. Most have appendages and crawfish pinchers and look like a crawfish. Fishing the Flutter Craw this way requires 50lb braid or 20lb flouro. view larger image color shown: Mickey's Magic Craw bonsai fighting craw - 8 pack $4.75 Fully rounded 3.75 inch crawfish and floating claws for lifelike defensive crawfish. Re: Best way to work a jig with chigger craw trailer? The following outlines when I use each to trail a swim jig, football jig, flipping jig and vibrating jig. $7.99 - $12.99 7 Colors. Yet, if you throw it in the wrong conditions you won’t even get a sniff. Plastic Craw. Culprit DW2 Chunk 6pk. To be honest, I tried the HD Craw on a jig a few times, never thought it was as good as using it alone. High quality bass fishing spring craw arkie jigs. NetBait Paca Chunk. 13 Fishing JT4-24 Caboose Craw Jig Trailer 4" Moldy Orange Fishing Lure $11.16 Gene Larew 116MGH17-10 Mo' Glo Jigheads 1/16 oz 10 Pack Blue Glo Fishing Lure Jig Trailers. I was able to get a good hookset ,but the weedguard didn't give the jig a chance to get hung up. Swim Jig with trailer kit. Leave Jig Strips on your hook and use it over and over again. Chunks - Can be plastic or pork and are usually flat and bulky with no appendages. The size & shape of your softplastic trailer makes a difference on a jig. The Penny Craw is one of the most versatile soft plastic crawfish imitation on the market to date. Unlike any other jig trailer on the market today, the Jig Strips Craw allows anglers to spend more time fishing and less time fixing and re-baiting. This ensures your trailer will last longer and saves you money! A good practice is to match the color of the trailer to the jig closely, but there are … If folks have confidence that a certain trailer works better on a jig… Fast and free shipping free … Another unique quality is the trailer being part of the skirt. A flattened smooth underbelly allows it to skip with ease around cover. Most of the time a jig will be rigged with an imitation craw trailer like a Chigger Craw.Or if you’re swimming a jig, a paddle tail swimbait trailer like a Grass Pig is a great option. Rig them with a craw or creature trailer and fish like a texas rig or flipping jig. Paca Craw-style bait. Unlike any other jig trailer on the market today, the Jig Strips Craw allows anglers to spend more time fishing and less time fixing and re-baiting. *All jigs and trailers are Hand poured by me. A wider fat softplastic craw will move more water to draw a bass’s attention. These are the "flappers and thumpers". Swapping to a twin-tail, craw style trailer adds resistance and lift to the jig. Unless noted, all jig trailers are hand poured and thus will have one side that is slightly flat. The opposite happens with a small trailer your jig will fall faster. Soft Plastic Craw Bait Mold Jig Trailers 3.5 Inch Bugmolds USA. Jig Strips "Jig and Pig" style Craw trailers are 40X stronger than traditional soft baits and come packed with a powerful scent. $4.39 2 Colors. Hackney prefers to throw a black/blue/purple, black/neon or green pumpkin jig and a full-sized Rage Craw trailer in the same colors. Our skirt material allows a realistic and life like appearance to cause that big fish to latch on! A soft plastic craw such as the Strike King Rage Tail Rage Craw is another ideal jig trailer that helps the lure mimic either baitfish or crawfish. One thing to note when doing so, however: it's important that your jig skirt doesn't reach the pinchers of the craw. Using a swimbait style trailer instead of a craw style trailer is one way to greatly affect the ROS of a bait. The Rage Craw claws move with lots of fish attracting action! $6.49 10 Colors. The Rage Craw can be rigged with a variety of hook sizes and styles depending on the type of presentation you are looking for. Craw Trailers. When you pause the bait, the extremely buoyant appendages halt in a defensive position. Trim your skirt, if necessary. « Reply #6 on: September 15, 2017, 10:46:34 AM » Quote from: merc1997 on September 15, 2017, 10:12:05 AM Spend less time changing your lure trailers and more time hauling in the big one – try Jig Strips and fish on. For best results, fish Texas-rigged, Carolina-rigged, or as a jig trailer. The craw resembles the various crustaceans clinging to the mat’s underside, but when it punches through and glides below (arms and pinchers left connected), the bluegill resemblance gets it whacked. When you can see the bottom at 8 feet or more a green pumpkin jig & trailer … Or I'll use a texas craw color with a Paca Chunk in green pumpkin candy. If you are fishing it by itself, use a belly weighted swimbait hook, to give it that balanced retrieve. $2.89 34 Colors. ... "Creole Craw" Trailers Each pack contains 10 baits and is infused with Coffee Scent. The 13 Fishing Caboose Craw Jig Trailer has powerful vibrations underwater that is sure to grab the attention of any fish nearby. With a big softplastic trailer your jig will also fall slower. Choose trailer- swimbait- 5 each, phantom grub- 5 each, baby craw-8 each, big craw- 5 each. And not any better than any other jig and trailer combination. Buy Black and Blue Football Bass Jig with Craw Trailer Included (Pack of 2) 1/4 oz Black, Blue online on at best prices. Jig Strips "Jig and Pig" style Craw trailers are 40X stronger than traditional soft baits and come packed with a powerful scent. If the waters you're fishing call for craws, toss in the Strike King Rage Craw and watch the water boil in a violent frenzy! White is a deadly trailer color for an action-packed jig… A plastic craw generates a lot of action from its flopping pincers which makes it ideal for swimming a jig along boat docks or laydown logs. Fast and free shipping free … Everyone knows a black and blue jig with a black and blue craw trailer is a great color for bass fishing. The Gary Yamamotto craw is a perfect example of a trailer with minimal action that appeals strongly to big bass. Rig them with a minnow or paddletail trailer and fish as a swim jig. Those basic functions, though, are somewhat divergent and sometimes work against each other. Includes five (5) Bait Pegs to keep your soft plastic baits pegged on your hook and prevents the need to constantly adjust soft plastics that keep sliding out of position. The movement while swimming this bait will pique the curiosity of any fish who feel their space is being invaded. A jig trailer seems simple enough: a piece of molded soft plastic that dangles from a jig’s hook to add bulk, enhance action, temper the fall and suggest a crawfish or other food item. Especially in clear water situations. With a slender, boot-tail swimbait as a trailer, the jig will fall fast and swim faster through the water on the retrieve. Green Pumpkin Jig w/ Green Pumpkin Craw. Pete's Pearl Creole Craw $ 3.50 Pete's Pearl Creole Craw. Perfect Fathers Soft Plastic Craw Mold Jig Trailer 3.8 Inch Bugmolds USA. The most popular is for Texas rigging - whether flipping it or fishing open water; VERSITILE. Unlike any other jig trailer on the market today, the Jig Strips Craw allows anglers to spend more time fishing and less time fixing and re-baiting. "When bass stop eating crawfish," he said, "I'll stop fishing the Salt Craw." Color- Sante Fe Craw Choose Jig size- 1/4 oz, 3/8, 1/2. The straight green pumpkin jig and green pumpkin trailer color combination is always a consistent producer. On the other spectrum a small slender craw will be more subtle. Longas Baits Tiny Shad 8pk. I like the BooYah Boo Bug 5/16 oz. Netbait Kickin B Chunk 5pk.

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