Line the french fries up in a single layer on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet. Every time i prepared frozen french fries according to the standard instructions, they tasted like cardboard. First, let me state that I hate oven fries. Instructions. Recipe Notes: These are a few things to keep in mind as you make your fries. It works like an electric pressure cooker , but it can do not just pressure cooking, but also can cook rice , slow cook meals, and sauté foods. I remember when we made these oven roasted fries for the first time. Season the french fries (I usually just use salt!) Most brands tend to be similar sizes so the cooking time should remain the same. Put the amount of frozen fries you will use into a freezer box. Read more above.) ; How To Cook French Fries In An Air Fryer. There is always the fear of adding excess fat and calories because of the use of unhealthy oil. The next time I got frozen fries, I tried the same method. . Perfectly crisp, salty, and seasoned, these don’t last long around here! Outside of an air fryer, no countertop cooker can revive these foods quite as well. "Baking frozen fries on an oven rack ensures even cooking and allows air to flow all around the fries, which increases your chances of getting golden-brown fries from the oven," Harvey said. Add the Cajun seasonings and toss. This air fryer frozen french fries technique requires no oil and still comes out with crispy results! I'm a french fry purist so only used salt to season, along with the oil and sugar. Place the fries in the air fryer, add a dash of garlic salt. Thawed Out Fries. Use your favorite seasonings to flavor the fries, or simply sprinkle them with table salt or sea salt. Here is a really simple and foolproof way to make them in an air fryer, either for an air fryer oven or air fryer basket. Cook them directly from frozen! Most are a pale imitation of french fries and just not worth the effort. Same as in a regular oven as long as your toaster oven has a "bake" or "roast" function and isn't just a horizontal toaster, but be careful to leave a little space between each on the cookie sheet (or a piece of doubled foil). They're super easy and quite tasty. But the fries alway turn limp like noodles! Moreover, it is equally time-wasting cooking your French fries over an oven. Preheat oven to 350° Remove the french fries from the water and pat dry. I like thinner fries so I cut ¼ inch wide but wider is fine but will take a few more minutes to cook. While most French fries we drool over are submerged in unhealthy oil, we’re thrilled to finally share our secret to crispy fries… no submerging required, but an oven a must you’re probably thinking, potatoes in an oven cannot be as crisp and fluffy as potatoes deep fried, but trust us, these are the crispiest oven baked fries ever. When fries are frozen, oil will heat up and cook the skin first which results in a crispier fry with a softer layer in the middle. Why Your Baked Frozen Fries Get Soggy. Why This Recipe Is So Good. Either leave the skins on or peel them (I prefer the peel on). I like Cajun fries so I used the seasonings. You can use frozen fries. (Parchment paper is a MUST. Plus, they’re way healthier than those fried in oil. French fries made in the Air Fryer are healthier than deep-fried french fries or fries from a fast-food restaurant. Ninja Foodi Frozen French Fries. Preparing frozen fries in the oven isn’t the best idea, after all. Choose your favorite brand of frozen french fries. Start at the step after soaking/drying. Oven baked french fries are not only a healthier way to eat french fries but easier to make than you might think. Slice the potato lengthwise into 1/4-inch slices, and cut again into 1/4-inch strips. The curly fries were to show how thinner french fries would cook, whereas the more British chip style was to see how thicker varieties would perform in an air fryer. Frozen fries actually cook up more crisply than fresh fries and with better results. Epicurious says frozen fries release moisture as they are cooking, and if these fries are sitting on a baking sheet, there is nowhere for the moisture to go. ; These are the perfect, easy snack for picky kids (or anyone craving junk food) without having to feel guilty! Putting a cooling rack underneath fries as they cook to elevate them lets the moisture hit the pan, and then it evaporates with a sizzle — which means more hot air that can help cook your fries more evenly. I used to make frozen French fries by baking them in the oven as I’d like to avoid deep frying. I hv Russet potato’s. A "super convection" setting is helpful for faster, crispier results, but not required. Scrub your potato. I looked at other recipes and an earlier one of yours and you said to cook them. Wash potatoes and cut them into semi-thin strips. DIRECTIONS. Air Fryer to Oven: The Best Ways to Cook Frozen Fries The Many Ways To Cook a French Fry… I fully recommend cooking french fries… In the oven; Using a frying pan on the stove top; In an air fryer; But I do not recommend trying to cook frozen fries in the microwave. It was several years ago, and now these fries are in our regular rotation. If you use a low temperature to cook your frozen French fries in a pan, they will defrost slowly and the water will not evaporate as quickly, causing your fries to become soggy. Waffle Cut, Crinkle Cut, or Steak Fries: 17 minutes at 400 degrees F, tossing or shaking once halfway through. Line a large baking sheet with foil & spray lightly with cooking spray. Whether you love frozen sweet potato fries, waffle fries or steak fries, they are all super easy and super crispy, when cooked from frozen in the Ninja Foodi Air Crisp. Thaw in the microwave. Sure. Frozen french fries are a quick and tasty side, but knowing the right cooking techniques can take premade fries from bland to gourmet. As you will see below, I went with two varieties from Tesco, a supermarket from the United Kingdom. We love simplicity and ease of cooking frozen french fries in an air fryer! Cooking frozen French fries in an air fryer gives you a result of chips with great taste and grain. They may take a bit longer. When I do the French fries like you do ( and I just bought the liner from Amazon as you suggested) do I have to cook the potatoes before I air fry them. Cook these for 10 minutes at 400 degrees, if preferred after 10 minutes, carefully open the air fryer, mix or shake up the french fries, coat with more spray and garlic salt. If you place frozen fries directly on the pan, the side facing the pan will release and trap moisture under the fries making them soggy.. Just like with baked potatoes and baked sweet potatoes, using a rack allows a conventional toaster oven’s warm dry air to circulate around the fries.This helps to remove surface moisture and get the fries crispy. I ignore those instructions usually and just preheat the oven to 400 degrees F (that’s about 205 C). Even if they don’t have instructions (most do), you can. A convection oven makes it easy to cook crispy oven-baked fries. Though cooking frozen fries on a baking sheet is common, Harvey told Insider, it's worth taking the time to arrange fries on an open oven rack instead. Most are par-fried before freezing which sears the outside of the fry to lock in moisture and avoids drying out and overcooking the soft center. Instructions. Ok, so you bought an air fryer, congratulations, one of the most searched and asked recipes is—How To Cook Frozen French Fries In An Air Fryer. You don’t need to thaw frozen french fries before cooking. Next, combine olive oil and seasonings in a large bowl, and toss the potatoes in the mixture until they’re evenly coated. We love making them our own by adding our homemade french fry seasoning, but you could keep it simple with just a little bit of salt as well. Coat basket of air fryer with olive oil spray. In general, you cook frozen french fries for about 10-15 minutes at 400 F. Are frozen fries in air fryer healthy? A similar fate awaits leftover french fries that you nuke. They cook up quickly and are super crispy without any added oils. Our family loves french fries and the air fryer can make the best french fries and that includes frozen french fries. These baked French fries are easy to fix and very low-fat. I’d honestly ignore those instructions and do it this way so they get crispier. You can cook certain foods quicker than your oven preheats.

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