Lifelong oral replacement hormone administered at home by owner, Maintain overall health of the dog with frequent vet visits. The Basenji is square-proportioned and high on leg. Like all dogs, this breed should have their nails clipped about every two weeks and their teeth brushed at least once a week. A major study undertaken at the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden concluded that the saliva of some breeds (notably Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, and Dogue de Bourgogne) contain fewer of these proteins than other breeds – but the proteins are found in all dogs' saliva and urine. Their soft, almond-shaped eyes are alert, and their hair is short and sleek, and they only shed a little. The source of allergies to dogs is allergens belonging to the lipocalin protein family found in dog's saliva and urine. Highlights: Adaptable, Gentle, Affectionate. Another BRAT volunteer offered this advice: "I tell folks to take a t-shirt with them when they visit Basenjis. By testing your dogs urine monthly, you can catch the early symptoms of Fanconi syndrome and begin a nutritional plan with your veterinarian right away! Are you gone a lot? Dogs may suffer from diarrhea, gas, lethargy, depression, changes in appetite, malabsorption of nutrients, nausea, and vomiting. They are one of the least people-pleasing breeds you can imagine, with few innate tendencies to comply with what you’ve asked of them, simply because you’re the one doing the asking. The hypoallergenic basenji may or may not cause a reaction and you don’t want to be out of pocket. Find out the prices charged by a few breeders if someone is charging way less than the average it could mean they have too many puppies and are keen to … That’s a quality that’s pretty common in hypoallergenic dogs. Bred in Central Africa to hunt lions, the Basenji makes a sound more similar to a yodel, because of its uniquely shaped larynx. Not really. Basenjis vary greatly in personality, so some may fight on your behalf, but most are more likely to run or use you as a human shield! The Basenji is a cat-like dog with an aloof, independent attitude and elegant poise. For the most part, yes. Their lack of obedience stems more from their “what’s in it for me” attitude than a lack of comprehension. We spent a lot of time outdoors together year round, including during the cold, snowy months, which might have encouraged development of her heavy winter coat. Let us know what you think about it in the comments section below! It helps to turn them on their backs and touch their ears, face, and paws too. However, vision loss can be caused if strands go all the way across the cornea (which is likely to happen with Basejis). A lot would also depend on the cat. Unfortunately, there is not much statistical evidence to give a proper picture of how healthy the Basenji breed is. You should know within a few minutes if you are allergic to the dog. If you would rather not do a DNA test, there are urinalysis strips that you can use to test your dogs urine for glucose. They do, however, shed a little. While they are very cool dogs, they are also very difficult dogs. These hernias are usually painless, and not a threat to your dog. Dietary Changes Yes! Instead, they yodel. Basenji-mix listings last updated: 12/9/2020 7:30:23 AM (Pacific time) Annabelle. Basenji Poodle mix (Basenjipoo) The hypoallergenic Basenji are medium in size and have a unique characteristic: Basenji dogs don’t bark. Join millions of people using Oodle to find puppies for adoption, dog and puppy listings, and other pets adoption. While there are no 100% hypoallergenic dogs, there are many breeds that do well with allergy sufferers. Night blindness that progresses to blindness in light as well. Select your puppy from a reputable breeder that can provide you with test results. Stunted growth. In this article, learn more about some of the most popular Basenji mixes. Chronic Anemia (red blood cell deficiency) The puppy’s parents should be screened for PRA. Patellar Luxation is caused by trauma to the kneecap. Basenji owners will happily share with you numerous stories in which their dog figured out how to operate or manipulate man-made things to get their way. These ancient dogs are, in some ways, more wild and untamed than modern house pups. They have a willful, independent sense that defies domestication and makes them one of the most difficult breeds to train. They are a good option for the Basenji, but they aren’t necessary. We provide several guarantees included with the purchase of each puppy from Puppies Today.We include a 12-Year Life Insurance Warranty, One-year genetic health guarantee and a 15-day … I brought my Dixie along. If kept outdoors, this dog requires a secured yard with high fences. We are also asked through the Contact Us form here on our website: Is it true that Basenjis are hypoallergenic? Pale gums However, Basenji are also hypoallergenic – light shedders and notoriously clean, as they will usually take care of their own grooming needs. No! Basenjis can be very alert dogs, and while they can’t physically bark – they can definitely make themselves heard in a way that your neighbors may feel is worse than barking. Basenjis are one of the most difficult dog to train. Changes in diet and the use of supplementation can help dogs that have this problem live a normal life. Basenji Puppies Home will be with you and your new puppy for a lifetime. Yes! Here are some steps you can take to ameliorate the situation. Some Basenjis are quite quiet and others can be very vocal. She certainly had the curly tail of a Basenji, but many dogs have curly tails. However, their personality is even more unique than their looks. Surgery. Purchase your puppy from a reputable breeder, and be sure to meet the parent dogs to confirm that they do not have Persistent Pupillary Membranes. A wrinkled brow gives him a quizzical and sometimes mischievous expression. Some Bernedoodle, Labradoodle and Goldendoodles are hypoallergenic. Many Basenji mixes exist as well and can have the benefit of mix-breed robustness and a combination of amazing traits from both breeds.. Even a well trained Basenji is likely to ignore its owner if they feel they have good reason to do so, and harsh criticism or physical punishments have little impact on their judgement. This is a lifelong condition, but the frequency of symptoms may decrease over time. Yes! However, early socialization is crucial for Basenjis and they are not the best dogs for small children, or dog parks. Is the Basenji breed hypoallergenic? They have a square shaped body which is about as long as it is tall. This is a subject of debate! May 31, 2017 - Explore Becky Hidalgo's board "German Shepard Basenji Mix" on Pinterest. Lack of energy Symptoms don’t appear until the dog is around 4 years of age, so be sure that the breeder you buy your puppy from has had the parent’s DNA tested for Fanconi syndrome. The modern breed originates in the African Congo (“Basenji” means “bush thing”), where they were used as pack hunters to … The Basenji is a small, sleek site hound whose breeding stock originates from the Congo in Africa. Don’t be fooled by sites that tell you otherwise! For a quick summary of the Basenji skip to our Basenji dog breed summary further down the page. They do, as many sources on the internet will claim, possess a uniquely cat-like nature. The temperament of these dogs vary greatly from one to the other, but most Basenjis are quite sociable. These dogs need plenty of exercise. Most sources online underestimate the amount of exercise a Basenji needs to be mentally healthy and relatively obedient. They clean themselves, so that helps. Do not leave a Basenji unattended in even a fenced in yard, because they are notorious mischief makers. Hip Dysplasia (CHD), Corneal Dystrophy, Patellar Luxation, Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), Fanconi Syndrome, and Basenji Enteropathy, Umbilical Hernia, Persistent Pupillary Membranes (PPM), Pyruvate Kinase (PK) Deficiency, Hypothyroidism. Flakes of dead skin, known as dander, are released into the air and onto surfaces when the dog sheds its coat. 13. If you cannot visit the dog in person, perhaps the owner/foster would be willing to send you an article that has been in prolonged contact with the Basenji in question. Whether a person with allergies will have an allergic reaction to a dog depends strictly on the individual dog! These proteins stick to the dog's fur and skin when it cleans itself. Basenji Dogs adopted on Rescue Me! While they are very clean, cannot bark, and there are a lot of Basenjis that are naturally quiet – they can also be something like “canine rototillers” for a house left unattended. We are also asked through the Contact Us form here on our website: Is it true that Basenjis are hypoallergenic? In the voice of experience of another of our helpful volunteers: Pet it, hold it, encourage it to play with you. The better solution is to train your Basenji to run on a treadmill, or run along-side your bike, and provide them with two sessions of intense exercise a day. They also don’t have much of an odor, and like other wild dogs, they have a variety of vocalizations they use instead of a bark. "I am very allergic to all cats and most dogs, because I'm allergic to dander. Get a DNA test done on your dog (if under 10 years of age) to test for Fanconi syndrome, or use Diastix urinalysis test strips to catch the syndrome early. Penny’s “Basenji” story – I adopted my mutt Penny from an animal shelter in Rochester, NY. These dogs are more wild-hearted than most breeds, and their prey drive is very high. (Skip this section) AKC rating is 88/194, so they are quite unusual. They are best handled by someone who has a good understanding of the nature of independent dogs, and a great sense of humor! Their inability to bark has earned them the name “African Barkless Dog”. They produce much less dander than other dogs. Never, they are one of the few barkless dogs. But, would a mix be hypoallergenic? Some can be pushed back into the body, those that don’t close by themselves require surgery. Fairfield County, Norwalk, CT ID: 20-11-30-00164. Goldendoodles are a cross-breed between the Poodle and the Golden Retriever. My Basenji Training page discusses the program you need. They are usually very outgoing and friendly, and they get along well with people, despite all of the information online that accuses them of being overly “aloof”. They’re best suited for a person who will take them jogging or biking, has a very clutter-free home, and is willing to spend a lot of time with them and supervise them properly. They also have distinctive wrinkles on their foreheads which become more prominent when they are excited. The shelter labeled her as a “Terrier-Basenji” mix. The Basenji possesses a sharp silhouette with upright, pointed ears, a long snout, and a tightly curled tail. Affected dogs should not be bred. I placed a bonded pair of Basenjis with the couple, and in a few days the husband called me, asking me to take the dogs back. I hope he feels that he lucked out, too. The Basenji has very unusual characteristics that are hard to find in other dog breeds! A Shiba Inu Basenji mix is not a dog to be trusted off leash as both of these breeds have a tendency to wander. There is evidence to suggest that these dogs may date back to 4000 BCE, but the modern breed was originally found in the congo. because i know labradoodles (lab & poodle mixes) are hypoallergenic, despite one of the dogs breed is a heavy shedder and prone to allergies. Rub it all over the dogs, let the dogs walk on, sniff, lay on the t-shirt. This medium-sized, high-energy breed can grow to between 22-24 pounds and lives an average of 13-14 years. No dog breed is absolutely non allergenic. Weakness If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. If you are on the hunt for a hypoallergenic family dog, look no further than the Basenji! Then take it home and put it on their pillow. As a result, the same litter will produce a mix of hypoallergenic and allergenic goldendoodle puppies. They certainly have a “mind of their own”. Potential health problems. Their ears require less attention than other breeds because they are upright rather than folded over, so they have plenty of access to fresh air which helps them avoid ear infections. Symptoms of this problem be easily misdiagnosed as pancreatic insufficiency, so when chronic digestive symptoms manifest in your Basenji, you should first have a blood test conducted to rule out Basenji enteropathy (also known as IPSID). The causes of this birth defect are unknown, but it is not considered a serious condition. Naturally, some Basenjis will shed a bit more than others and certain factors can cause a normally low-shedding Basenji to begin shedding excessively, but overall, Basenji shedding is relatively easy to deal with and can be drastically minimized with a quick brushing session once a week. Symptoms usually begin to show between 4 months to 1 year. An under-exercised Basenji is a creative wrecking ball. Your veterinarian can help you devise a dietary strategy, or provide antibiotics, that can help your Basenji with their digestion. Basenji are hypoallergenic and friendly with their family but they don’t like strangers. For more information about Basenji health concerns, please click here or go to! However, how much they howl varies a lot from dog to dog. Popular Basenji Breed Mixes. Generally, the dogs that meet the requirements of a hypoallergenic dog are mixed breeds. Let's look at the science. I brushed her religiously when she began shedding every year in late winter. im pretty sure theyre not. However, there are various ways to detect the issue in its early stages before it manifests, and in those situations the prognosis is usually a positive one! A shedding dog is crossbred with a non-shedding breed (like Poodle) to develop a new breed that is more compatible with allergies. Most Basenjis are very quiet, but some can be very vocal dogs. For its size, a Shiba Inu Basenji mix is incredibly strong and agile. Their extreme prey drive, speed, and their unwillingness to change their course of action due simply to the fact you disagree with it, means that when these guys bolt – they’re gone, and they’re very hard to get back. These dogs can be extremely destructive, especially if bored, or under exercised. There was a study done on dog intelligence that ranked them as one of the stupidest dogs because they wouldn’t respond to commands. They can also be very affectionate, friendly, playful dogs, and their playfulness is undaunted by old age. All basenjis have white feet, white chests, and white tips on their tails. The internet is awash with links that will tell you these dogs are the epitome of apartment dogs, but I tend to disagree. Basenjis are one of the most difficult dogs to train. Read more about Basenji Health. The good news is we have an article and some pictures about what you're looking for. Purebred Basenji dogs love to groom themselves and therefore rarely need bathing. If cuddling is your thing, get your Basenji as a puppy (from a good breeder) and cuddle them often from a young age. Both parents of the dog must recessively carry the gene. Most of the time the condition is painless and doesn’t cause vision loss. The fact is that fur length and type are not an indication of whether a breed will induce an allergic reaction. The breed has a strong instinct to run, hunt, and chew. However, they do best with dogs that have similar traits and characteristics. If you’re looking for a conveniently sized, self-thinking dog with a lot of ‘go’ to start the day, this ancient feline-like canine could be your uniquely perfect fit! Basenji mixes are truly canines unlike any other, specifically because of the characteristics from a Basenji.. Called a “cult breed” by some, many canine biologists believe the Basenji may be one of the most ancient dog breeds in the world. These dogs are from Central Africa, especially the regions around Congo and Sudan. There is a trend toward mixed breed dogs. So hypoallergenic mixed breeds are a bit of misnomer. Topical Acid Treatment Before bringing any dog home, be sure he is the right ft for your family. Filter. Sort of! It is unanimously agreed on the internet, and by Basenji owners alike that these dogs cannot be trusted off-leash, anywhere. They yodel. Although there is not as much statistical evidence surrounding the health of the Basenji, it would seem that they tend to have less health problems than popular purebred dogs, and some of their more serious problems can be reasonably managed by changes in nutrition. (For example, my dogs took to getting in the shower after I got out to lick the water off the bottom. Unfortunately, Basenjis cannot be trusted off leash in an area that is not securely enclosed. The causes are unknown. This photo shows the result of a typical grooming session — and there's plenty more to come! A protruding bump just below a puppy’s ribcage that is particularly noticeable when the puppy is standing, barking, crying, or straining. Rapid heart rate 20-11-30-00164 D136 Newton (m) (male) Saluki mix. The Basenji is a small, sleek site hound whose breeding stock originates from the Congo in Africa. No . Another condition to be aware of is Basenji enteropathy, which affects approximately 1% of Basenjis. Instead, they yodel. These strips are “Bayer Diastix Reagent Strips for Urinalysis Glucose” – be sure to get the urinalysis test strips, and not the blood test strips. Basenjis are a very low maintenance breed. Criticism and reprimanding simply has no effect on the Basenji, who really cares very little about your personal opinion on the matter. All Basenji found here are from AKC-Registered parents. In addition, the Basenji love being outdoors and will therefore leave little hair and dander inside the house. 10. One concern to be aware of with the breed is Fanconi syndrome. The Basenji is one of the few breeds in the world that does not bark! Basenji information including personality, history, grooming, pictures, videos, and the AKC breed standard. It depends on the dog, but for the most part – yes! He has a beautiful tan and white, short-haired coat. Find Basenjis for Sale on Oodle Classifieds. The graceful, yet charming Samoyed dogs are known for their bright smiles (famously called the Sammy Smile) and beautiful white hypoallergenic coats. To teach your Basenji to listen to you, "Respect Training" is mandatory. This breed doesn’t bark, as you probably know by now! [Image used with permission from], Allergic reactions to dogs affect 5-10% of the adult population and serve as a trigger in those who suffer from asthma and allergic rhinitis. Find Basenji Puppies and Breeders in your area and helpful Basenji information. They may bark less and make a yodeling sound if basenji genes dominates more. If you rescue a Basenji from a rescue organization, you can have their DNA tested yourself if they are under 10 years of age (if they are older than that, they don’t need to be tested). Those dogs that shed less than others obviously will release less dander. In severe cases, a dog may need to undergo surgery. Bred to hunt, the Basenji is a cat-like sort of canine: this dog is a curious, clever, and strong-willed loner who keeps to herself. Basenji Poodle mix are non-shedding and may inherit the short, smooth coat of the Basenji. While many do possess an independence and a sense of their own agenda, rather than an overt friendliness common in a breed like a Golden Retriever, they are by no means unfriendly. Slightly smaller than medium-sized. The Basenji is a small to medium hypoallergenic dog breed that hardly sheds or drools. The Basenji (also known as an “African Bush Dog”, “Congo Dog”, or “Congo Terrier”) is an ancient breed which can be seen depicted on stone tablets in Egyptian tombs. The best idea would be to raise them with one, however, you may still not be able to trust them around strange, or new cats. It depends. Well known as the \"barkless\" dog from Africa, the Basenji attracts admirers with his short coat, small, muscular body, alert demeanor, erect ears, and tail curled tightly over one hip. They also need ample amounts of exercise, and the less their exercise needs are met, the more bad habits they’re likely to engage in. They are not, however, “attack” dogs. If they have no reaction, you're good to go. All other forms of behavior modification had failed.”, ( The Basenji, which was recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1943, is a muscular dog but is also very lean and agile. A hound glove is a type of rubber brush that can be used on short-haired hounds to remove shed hair. Basenjis are excellent climbers and can scale high fences if they have the inclination to do so. However, in this author’s opinion, they are extremely intelligent. If you have allergies and are considering adopting a Basenji, the best advice is to meet the specific Basenji you are considering bringing into your home. Very few surveys have been done to collect enough data in this regard, so there may be other health issues that are not listed here. Basenjis aren’t known to be avid water-lovers. Basenjis are vulnerable to health problems such as eye diseases and a deadly kidney disease, mostly confined to Basenjis, called fanconi. Heart murmurs Take your dog to the vet for any digestive problems that last two weeks to prevent an issue from escalating. Most websites over-emphasize the Basenji’s aloof nature. Get it to take a small treat from your fingers, and hold onto it while it salivates and licks it. But with galloping breeds like the basenji, there are two separate times when all four paws are off the ground. A 40-minute walk is adequate for a Basenji, but be prepared to supplement their physical exercise with very, very durable dog chews or other fun mental activities. Where there's a will, there's probably a way! © 2020 - All rights reserved. The Chisenji is small- to medium-sized muscular dog with an alert disposition, displaying Chihuahua-like friendliness… The dog breed has a short fine coat that doesn’t shed much. Basenjis are very alert dogs and won’t hesitate to sound the alarm. Basenjis are often decent at being alone, unlike other dog breeds, but they should always be crated when left unattended. They are also very clever at escaping enclosures. Expect a Basenji to consider itself to be more of your equal than your follower. Yes! If bored and unsupervised, they are likely to cause havoc – destroying things you never dreamed could be destroyed, with the speed and skill of an Olympian. If swimming is important to you, you can encourage your Basenji to play with other dogs that love the water, but whether they will take to it is hit or miss. These dogs are suspected to date back to 4,000 BCE, as evidenced by Egyptian artwork. Sam Anderson, an owner of 7 Basenjis, wrote in his article: If left untreated, this syndrome can lead to renal failure and death. Donate. Some Basenjis shed very little, but others shed a LOT! Adopt Basenji Dogs in Connecticut. (Incidentally, any animal can trigger an allergic response in people who are susceptible; more people are allergic to cats than to dogs, but some people are even allergic to rabbits, guinea pigs, or hamsters!). The Basenji’s erect ears help locate game in … Size: Some popular hypoallergenic dog breeds include: Affenpinscher, Basenji, Bedlington Terrier, Bichon Frise, Hairless Chinese Crested, Havanese, Irish Water Spaniel, Kerry Blue Terrier, Poodle, Portuguese Water Dog, Puli, Giant Schnauzer, Shih Tzu, Wire Fox Terrier, and Yorkshire Terrier. It depends on the individual dog, just as it depends on the individual human whether he is affected. Many people consider the Basenji to be a cat-like dog. The Basenji is a small to medium hypoallergenic dog breed that hardly sheds or drools. Best test I have ever found.". His wife had a severe reaction to the dogs.". Like wild dogs, they yip and yodel rather than barking. Puppy, Female North Carolina (New 11/23/2020) ANNABELLE is an 11 month old, 47 pound girl who has had an unfortunate beginning to her life but has overcome a great deal since she has been in rescue. Samoyed. And since Basenjis hate water, well, that solved that problem. Statistics suggest that about 7% of the breed’s population is affected by this illness, which is quite high, given the severity of the problem if it is undiagnosed. Basenjis don't do well with allergy sufferers by causing allergic reaction. What if you have allergies (or have family or friends with allergies who visit frequently) but fall in love with a Basenji anyway?

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